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Promise Group’s priority is long-term trusted business relationship with vendors, partners and customers. As a Microsoft Indirect Provider, Promise Group has a strategic approach to each and every partner type – Independent Software Vendors (ISV), System Integrators (SI), CSP Resellers, Managed Services Providers and local hosting providers. We are providing infrastructure, application and data services, business productivity and Data Centre solutions and IT management and advisory services. We are working closely with Microsoft, leveraging and providing assistance with offers and programs designed to help safeguarding the investments and ensuring the future of your business with confidence.  

This includes:


System security

Each IT system should be verified in terms of compliance with current threats. For cloud environments, this is a complex task. 

That is why it is only natural that security verification and cyber control should be performed by an external team of experts rather than the team delivering the configuration of IT systems. 

The detected irregularities are registered as risks that can be the basis for a decision on the implementation of appropriate security systems.

How do we help with system security?

Information security

Each organization should have an information security plan, which is a set of documents regulating the methods and principles of information protection. 

The plan should take into account both applicable laws and industry regulations, as well as internal rules regarding the security of the processed information. 

How do we help with information security?

Data & Analytics

Most organizations set themselves two goals: the first is generating profit and the second is optimizing costs and risk. Modern Business Intelligence tools definitely facilitate the achievement of these goals. Organizations realize that launching a modern analytical platform and industrialization of analyses and models is often a major challenge.

An experienced partner, with experience gained in dozens of projects, plays an important role in this process and can effectively help with the introduction of advanced analytical solutions, quickly demonstrating measurable benefits.

Modern Working Environment

Team Work

Information and knowledge are key resources of any organization. With the right IT tools, you can significantly improve knowledge exchange within a company, save employees’ time and increase their identification with the company.

How do we do this?

We focus not only on providing modern M365 solutions for our work, but also on advising and supporting organizations throughout the process of transition to new ways of working

Low Code

The priority for a user of a tool is its reliability and low maintenance cost. From the solution provider’s point of view, the most important thing is that once the solution has been produced, it can be easily replicated and no costly corrections are needed.

Low-code solutions can be developed together with the business department, in workshop form. While the process is being discussed or digitalized, a solution is created. With this approach, users discuss changes in real time and influence the final product.

How do we do this?

An excellent solution for customers and service providers is to use applications developed within the Power Platform. It is a low-code platform, which is characterized by the creation of process-oriented solutions with a zero to minimum use of code. Therefore no programming knowledge is required – the solution is easily scalable and can evolve together with changes in the organization’s processes.

License and Subscription Management

System security

At Promise Group, we can advise you on how to select optimal licenses for your organization and we help you to manage the full software cycle – from selecting the optimal licenses (on-premise, cloud or hybrid model), through a smooth contract signing process, reliable and fast service during the contract period up to consulting at contract renewal, regardless of customer and/or partner type – Independent Software Vendors (ISV), System Integrators (SI), CSP Resellers, Managed Services Providers or local hosting provider. We also offer combined service of consultancy and a proposal for the implementation of a SAM-class tool that supports the processes of controlling IT resources through ongoing inventory and repository functions.

What do we help you with?

Our LSP (Licensing Solution Partner) offer includes.

Consultancy Services

It is difficult and time-consuming to find the right approach on addressing challenges your IT is facing. Also, many companies starting to lose the track of the latest solutions, software and technologies which are available on the market. Bearing in mind all these difficulties, we are offering our digital consultancy services.

How do we do this?

We help our customers and partners to go through all the stages of Cloud Adoption Framework (Defining strategy, Planning, Readiness, Adoption, Governance and Management)

Our digital consultancy services cover a wide scope of a whatever our customers and partners might need while transforming/migrating their environment.

This includes:

Project based
technical support

Technical support is pivotal to a well-maintained, healthy and scalable cloud infrastructure. That is why on a daily basis we assist your clients and partner with any project-based needs they have, in connection with any of Microsoft products, services or applications.

What do we help you with?

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